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  • I was suffering for more than 3 yrs with arthritis on my left knee, it got very bad deteriorated to the bone on bone, terrible painful to the point I couldn't walk. I had searched and reviewed other Orthopedic MD,.. for not been informed enough and just been told go ahead to do the scheduling for surgery,.. I felt rushed and ignorant of them not taking time to explain what was I to expect with this major surgery, I continue to suffer for very long time because I completely lost confidence. I found Dr. Hajnik an amazing experience Surgeon using robotic technology, he did my total knee replacement, within 2 weeks I was walking not needing a walker, my physical therapists were amazed by my recovering so fast, its been 3 months since my surgery I feel great, enjoying my life again, walking without pain. I do highly recommend Dr Hajnik . I'm 74 yrs. with 10 grandchildren, very active love cooking and walking again, Thanks Dr. Hanjik.

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